OddStorm – fastest sure bets service on the market!

   One of our general partners is the fastest sure bets service on the market – OddStorm. They are the global fastest odds delivery service: 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch. Thanks to the speed and the quality of the delivered odds by OddFeeds they are preferred from almost all of the professional sports arbitrage players. Why speed is so important? The reason is simple – you will be the first to see the arbitrage opportunities before the users of other services even know for its existence. This will lead you one step ahead and you will be the first to take advantage of these opportunities.

    But this is not all. OddStorm had also developed the best auto-navigation that will lead you directly to the betting event page with a single click. All you will have to do is click “bet”. This is great goal in sports arbitrage betting because you won’t need to search for the match manually and place the bet. The navigation will do all this for you. You can make from 10% to 30% monthly profit by sitting at your chair at home, listening to your favour music and no bosses on your head.

    The sure bets service OddStorm was established at 2007 and until now its popularity increases dramatically. The have more than 60 000 customers and are improving each day to help arbitrage players maximize their incomes. One of their features is adding new sports like Tennis and Basketball on their list along with betting exchanges. The service was established from one of the best programmers in Bulgaria  – Chavdar Kopoev and they are the only service on the market that have made their own training platform to teach the newbies – Arbitrage Guides. If you are having troubles or there is something unclear, just search for Iliyan Lishkov at support@oddstorm.com or support@arbitrageguides.com and he will give a professional answer to all of your inquiries.