Services & Products

OddFeeds provides the fastest odd feeds delivery on the market. We collect the odds straight from the bookmakers and deliver them to our customers in a friendly JSON format every 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch.

We are delivering odds to the fastest sure bets service on the market OddStorm and this is a proof of the quality and the speed of the provided odd feeds.

Our service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, providing live sports data from all over the world.

In case of an error was found, someone of our team will start working on it immediately until the problem is solved in order to minimize the damage and make sure all odds are saved correctly.

Please take a look at our services below and contact our sales for more information.

InPlay Odd Feeds

We are the global fastest odd feeds delivery service and we guarantee for the quality and the speed of the delivered odds for InPlay, where the speed is the most important thing. You will get your odds every one to three seconds which is the best option on the market from a long time.

PreMatch Odd Feeds

We provide PreMatch odds for more than 60 different bookmakers. In the supported bookmakers are included the leading bookmakers in Asia and Europe. Our customers can follow more than 10 000 events a month.

Surebets API Odd Feeds

We are delivering odd feeds to the global fastest sports arbitrage service on the market - OddStorm. With 61 supported bookmakers for InPlay, PreMatch, Middles and Polish Middles you are able to turn gambling into clever investment, winning more than 30% profit a day.

The sure bets service works on more than 300 different bet types and all this is supported in JSON and API format.

Surebets JSON Odd Feeds

We also provide surebets in JSON format. Our odds push service is perfect solution for individual needs along with customers service needs.